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Jul 9 '14

leog17 asked:

What do you call someone who is scared of farm animals? a coward


I most certainly do!

Jul 9 '14

2014 Bad Joke No. 185


What do dermatologists celebrate on July 4th?

Skindependence day.

Jul 9 '14

2014 Bad Joke No. 190

  • Patient: Doctor, doctor, I feel like a prehistoric creature!
  • Doctor: Are you certain?
  • Patient: I'm Dino - sure.
Jul 9 '14

Things I keep telling myself to do but just won’t do it:

-read a book
-find a new Netflix show
-clean my room

Tomorrow I REALLY want to start a new book. :o

Jul 9 '14

June 9th

Woke up 7:30 am
Didn’t get much sleep though

I went to work 9-12. It was okay. I came home and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drank skim milk. I really like skim milk.

I watched boy meets world for an hour and then I took a nap for an hour and thirty mins

Then I got up and chilled on laptop for a while. Then I went to boyfriends house for a few hours and it was fun.

That is my day.

Still down about losing my rutgers job. No idea if I can get it back.

Jul 9 '14


*gets stuck on a mission in a game* *doesn’t play for another 4234 years*

Jul 9 '14


judge in court: everything u say will be held against u
me: boobs
jury: haha
lawyer: haha
judge: haha case dismissed

Jul 9 '14
  • Me: *during sex* ....i think i hear someone coming....
  • girl: ....who?
Jul 9 '14


they said it was dangerous and stupid but look at me now.  3 years after eating nothing but plant seeds I get 95% of my energy from the sun plus my branch arms are useful in duels

Jul 8 '14

Nvm that ending was perf